Monday, June 9, 2014

Using Ping Options

Ping is a very well known command to use in Command Prompt to check if there is a connection to another host in the network (it means you can check if there is an internet connection too). The very frequently host to ping is which is google public dns server.

ping is a normal ping command sending 4 packets of data to google public dns server

ping -t sends unlimited packets of data until stopped and is used to check connection stopping and reappearing over a longer period of time

ping -n allows you specify how many packets of data to send

ping -a shows you that it is pinging google public dns server

ping -f means packets are not fragmented and is used for instance when check if VPN is working

For more info, type ping /?

You can also ping not just by IP address but by site name too: ping, ping or even ping

Inspired from Professor Messer.

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